Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Review

Amazon Fire 7 is a tablet specially designed for you who like to enjoy Amazon digital content. Like reading an ebook, watching videos, listening to music, and so on. Amazon Fire 7 Tablet is not suitable for use as a productivity tablet. But behind all that, the tablet which is included in the best 7 inch tablet, has one absolute advantage, which is the cheap price.

Indeed, the specifications of this tablet can be said to be quite low when compared to today’s tablets that can already be used to play heavy games. But again, Amazon Fire 7 is not a tablet made with that purpose. But for you who need a tablet just to read ebooks, websites, news, listen to music, and watch videos and movies.


Amazon Fire 7-inch Tablet

For outward appearance, the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet has a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 1,024 x 600 pixels, the same as the previous generation. In addition, the body is quite simple with a weight of only 0.29 kilograms, making it comfortable to hold.

Uniquely Amazon even claims that this latest tablet is twice as resilient as the iPad mini 4. In addition, on the front there is a camera located in the middle. The camera is a VGA camera that you can use to make video calls. But if it is used for selfies, you have to be prepared to get improvised photos.

Amazon always equips its homemade tablet device with its own modified Android operating system called Fire OS. Fire OS embedded on this device is version 5.4.0. Coupled with a quad-core processor that is capable of running up to 1.3 GHz and 1GB of RAM, Amazon Fire 7 Tablet is not suitable for multitasking.


Amazon Fire 7

When used to open one there are two applications, it still feels smooth and smooth. But when it has opened more than two applications, it will feel really lag. Therefore, you must optimize the use of RAM on this tablet so that it doesn’t feel lag.

On the home screen, you will see a row of applications, folders and widgets that you can add yourself manually. If you move to the right, Fire OS will also display a variety of Amazon products based on their categories, ranging from ebooks, videos, games, and music.

Indeed there are still many cheap tablets that you can buy on the market. But on average these tablets are made by manufacturers that you don’t know the quality of. Amazon Fire 7 Tablet can be your choice for those who are looking for cheap tablets to read ebooks, listen to music, and browse.

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