Top 9 Best Blogging Platform 2020

Are you ready to start your blog but you are stuck on what blogging platform to use? I will walk you through how to choose the best blogging platform for your blog and we will discuss nine different blog platforms so you can get a better idea which is best for you.

When you are looking to choose a blogging platform to start this are some of the things you want to think about when choosing a blogging platform. That’s the biggest thing is you want to make sure that it’s easy to use for you and it’s beginner friendly. You don’t want to have to know a lot of technical stuff to get started.

You also want to make sure that it’s feature-rich or is it a feature they are available to what you want your blog to do and then do to you have room to grow? Both in terms of features you need and functionality but also you may not yet think about earning money but if you want to make it earn money in the future whether there is an ability to you add things like ads on your site, Affiliate marketing, and things like that.

So, remembering all of those things, let’s start to look at the difference platforms that you can use for your website.

Best Blogging Platform

The first thing we’re going to talk about is It is open source software which means it is free for you to use and it is also free for you to contribute. Now, is different from and you’ve probably heard a lot of people saying just got it a WordPress site and we’ll talk about in a moment.

Many pros for are you have maximum control over your site. Nothing will be able to shut down your site because you are not following any of their rules. The next thing is the most powerful feature out there whatever you think you want to do with your blog to bring it to the next level whether it’s adding features like forums, membership sites, e-commerce if you want it all available For you using the platform.

There are thousands on thousands of plugins, these are things that help you make your site do what you want by adding additional functionality. There are also thousands of free and paid themes to make your blog look exactly the same as you want. Now comes with maximum control of your site some cons is that you are assigned to maintain your blog yourself and that means you have to update your site and save all the plugins and themes updated and you will also be assigned to Make it backup your site.

Now if you do it correctly many times hosting providers where you work can help you with some of these items so it’s price to use WordPress, as I said before, the actual software Free but you must have a server to post this and your server or hosting company getting a server from them will actually charge you a fee and depending on which hosting company you are aiming for, which can range in price and But the average range is about $4.99 per month.

But as a visitor you can get it as low as $2.99 per month through for you to get that discount. With it you will also get a free SSL certificate for your site, which secures your site for visitors. And you can also do domain registration at once for your brand, usually the registration domain is about $10.95 per year.

WordPress Blogging Platform

Earlier I talked about and now we will discuss So use the same software as but they are hosting and housing them on their own servers and you only pay them to do everything. So some pros for this no setup required you simply login start paying and you’re ready to go.

It’s also you very easy to use and manage. Now the cons for this is you do have limited functionality for your blog, it also means you can’t run your blog ads and you don’t have your blog. If you do something on your site or write about something they disagree with they can turn off your blog and any traffic or any visitor you’ve built, you’ve missed it. The pricing structure for this is free to level down where you can be your site. You can get the custom domain name and the range for the payment level is between $4-$8 per month.

Blogger Blogging Platform

Next Blogging platform Let’s talk about Blogger. So Blogger is owned by Google, Blogger used to be acquired by Google in 2013 and offered to people to use as a blogging Platform and some of its advantages are free. It’s completely free to enter and use as you want is pretty easy to use and this is Google products so it’s safe and reliable you know that security is pretty high there.

Some of the drawbacks are you have limited features, it doesn’t belong to their primary source of income, nor is it their primary focus so you have limited features. They can also suspend your account at any time if you write about something they don’t approve of so that once again you don’t have your information or blog.

Other things they can do is just turn off the whole service so if one day they decide they don’t want to deal with Blogger anymore, then that’s a real possibility. As I said free bloggers to use.


Wix Blogging Platform

The next one we’ll see is Wix and some of the pros of Wix are fully hosted platforms that mean you just go and sign up. They have many templates to choose from to get up and running quickly, they have built-in functions to get you started, but some cons of it show Wix branding, there’s a free version but it shows Wix branding unless you Pay for a higher level.

Another thing is they will show you ads on the site but you do not get that ad revenue, they will also get the ad revenue it moves can be difficult it is actually one site that is harder to move if later you have Decide to host your blog elsewhere, it’s very hard to move it from Wix.

The price range is free, for the free tier you are essentially getting your site with Wix branding in the URL. If you want to pay then the range is between $4.50 to 24.50 per month.


Tumblr Blogging Platform

The next Blogging Platform that you can see is TUMBLR. Tumblr is a really geared micro blogging service like sharing pictures and videos and pictures of cats and stuff like that but a lot of people really enjoy using Tumblr for this and obviously some pros are that it’s free and easy Used and regulated.

It integrates with social media so it’s much easier to share things through there. This is a very easy platform for video blogs or audio images as well. Some cons for Tumblr is a limited feature, it’s hard to migrate to a blog if you want to move to another platform, it’s very hard to do.

The cost for TUMBLR is free and usually or if you want to add a special domain then there will be a charge for it.


Medium Blogging Platform

The next Platform we’ll be talking about is Medium. The Medium was launched at 2012 and directed more towards rigorous writing and blogging and very little networking capabilities with it and some of its advantages are free and easy to use.

With Medium, you can reach out to existing communities online since Medium shared your articles with people who share interests with what you write about. This allows you to focus only on writing and that’s just because there’s no theme involved in it at all. Now some cons on the other side of the pros and the fact that there are limited features, you do not really go to set, you can not create an e-commerce, a site that you can not make and the forum itself such things.

Next is its Medium audience and not your audience so yes they can send you some traffic but if you ever want to do something with it, that audience isn’t really your traffic, they don’t come to your site for Read about you stuff. You also can’t run ads and you can’t set things up your trading site like that so if you want to make money then this is the only place your blogging will not be good for that.

It’s free to use although they do some sort of paywall for readers where people have to pay to keep doing it read and there will be some interesting changes over the next few years see how this changed during, during The coming months.


Squarespace Blogging Platform

Squarespace is a great blogging platform and it’s being used the drag-and-drop feature that’s easy to use. Most of the people they are looking for are more like small businesses to make an online presence so it’s the main focus of their people.

Some pros for Squarespace is it’s very easy for beginners. It features a great drag and drop, a beautifully designed professional template for you to use, and lots of people really like it. You can also add e-commerce settings if desired.

The cons are that it’s a proprietary platform and its features are quite limited what they’re pushing so if you want something different then you may not get the features you want for your site. There is also limited integration because this is a proprietary platform not too many third-party developers who can make something integrate with your website and personal plan It is quite limiting you only get 20 pages to Your personal plan, you get your blog and then you only get two contributors.

The pricing structure for this can range from $12 per month to $18 per month depending on whether you pay in advance or not and then if you want to add e-commerce, then it’s crashed $26 to $40 per month.


Ghost Blogging Platform

The next one is Ghost it is a minimalistic blogging platform and they really have reduced all the features they offer so that people just focus on writing and it’s actually the biggest advantage one for that is you just Focus on your writing and blog. It’s also very clean and clutter free and fast because it’s built in JavaScript so fast.

If you use the version of their hosting then there is no setting you do have to worry. Some things to consider are not easy to customize with the app because the features are limited. There are limited integrations as well as limited themes, if you try to do your own installation it is complicated and not too easy to do.

The pricing structure for this $29 per month is up to $199 per month.


Weebly Blogging Platform

The last one we’ll talk about is Weebly. Weebly is another blogging platform that host everything for you and they have a great clean drag-and-drop feature for you to get up and running. Some pros are it’s fully hosted, drag-and-drop design for you you can test the features on the free plan to see if it works for you and if you want to climb to a different level.

Some cons to Weebly are that they have limitations of features, as with Squarespace they have limited third-party integrations, and the migration of this site is quite difficult if you decide to move to another platform. Price for Weebly is a free tier if it’s your site, additionally as much as $5 a month if you are billed annually with limited features and can then reach $25 per month if you want to unlock all the features they have and you will Get a domain for free.

Obviously for us, we always think like that is the best thing to do and we think the combination of and Hawkhost is your best choice when it’s just getting started. If you want to take your blog seriously and you want to eventually grow this into a money making effort then is the best place to start and the beauty of installation is that you can start as simple as the You need and then as you grow, as your needs increase it can grow with you.

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