Top 10 Best Laptop for Programming

If you are planning to buy a new laptop, the first step you have to do is determining what features and specs of a laptop they want. When you want the best laptop for programming, you should collect enough information about its RAM, processor, cache, storage and other things that will support your programming works.

Programming is just one word but in reality, it refers to a wide range of things. If you are a techie, you must already understand that there are many programming languages which can be used to code. It is vital for you to have a laptop which has the ability to run a virtual machine, the required IDEs and anything that you need for smooth programming.

Here are some laptops that you can consider to be the best laptop for programming to support your works in an ultimate way.

1. MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018)

MacBook Pro (15-inch 2018)

The MacBook Pro 15” is engaged with Intel i7 otherwise i9 processor and SSD storage with large capacity 256 GB to 1 TB. With the specs above, you will be presented with nice accessories as well as the useful features but the most important thing that it will provide you speedy performance. The laptop is designed in gray color with a sleek look.

Its crisp retina display is what they had boasted. But, they also have included the newest Apple T2 chip. This offers you secure booting and encrypted storage. The report states that users have been using the best laptop for programming for over 8 hours of battery life. It has been completed with 4 thunderbolts 3 ports and good quality speakers. Apple has also decided to include particular features like Touch Bar and Touch ID.

2. MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2018)

MacBook Pro (13-inch 2018)


MacBook Pro 13” 2018 is considered as the best laptop for programming especially those who code iOS apps and becomes very useful for developing liquid codes and C++. The processor of this laptop is Intel Core i5 and 8 GB RAM.

The laptop will definitely be able to provide you with an optimum performance which is best for coding or writing iOS apps. Many people call it a simple laptop yet powerful which will handle almost anything you want to do with it.

3. Microsoft Surface Book 2

Micosoft Surface Book 2


Microsoft Surface Book 2 is known as the most powerful laptop ever that offer you power and versatility as a tablet, laptop and portable studio. This catchy laptop with excellent configuration is recommended as the best laptop for programming especially for MongoDB developers and advanced Java.

Besides it has more than 17 hours’ battery life, it also has a powerful processor which is Intel Core i5 or i7. This laptop will run full desktop software for you easily, so you can have an efficient and smooth workflow. You can write HTML5, Java, Objective C, Android, Swift and C # programming all you want without having worried about the laptop performance.

4. Toshiba Portege Z30-C-138

Toshiba Portege Z30-C-138


Toshiba Portege Z30-C-138 is presented proudly as the most balanced laptop for programmers. With CPU Intel core i7 and 16 GB RAM, this laptop will provide anything you need to write code since there is plenty of memory and power. Not only it has a comfortable keyboard, but it also has the ability to control multiple monitors at the same time.

The best laptop for programming will be able to accompany you as long as 11 hours of battery life. Additionally, it is even built with a 4G LTE modem. With 13” screen, it is easy for you to take it everywhere you are going.

5. MacBook Air (13-inch, 2018)

MacBook Air (13-Inch 2018)


Apple has designed MacBook Air 13 inch with thinner and lighter physical but more productive than the previous model. It has 8 GB RAM which can be upgraded up to 16 GB and dual-core Intel Core i5. As for this improvement, this laptop will serve you better performance but is still affordable price.

For the first time, MacBook Air is built with retina display which easily makes it as the best MacBook Air ever. Despite its slim and light design, this is also considered as a brilliant laptop where you can go for programming happily since it has the required oomph.

6. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Microsoft Surface Pro 6


Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is well known as the best portable laptop that you can use to develop programs comfortably. Just like programming can be in many shapes and sizes, the laptop a programmer use can be varied. The Microsoft Pro 6 has a detachable keyboard which makes it hybrid, but you shouldn’t underestimate its power.

The best laptop for programming is built with spacious 1 TB SSD storage and 16 GB RAM. You couldn’t ask more for its processor since it has the 8th generation core i7, you can handle almost everything.

7. Google Pixelbook

Google Pixelbook


With this model, Google has also contributed to the two in one market. the Google Pixelbook is run with Intel Core i7 processor and 512 GB solid state drive. This laptop is the best choice for developers who preferred Linux, however it may couldn’t satisfy those who are using other OSes. Pixelbook is not only recognized as the best laptop for programming, but this laptop has also an optional accessory which is Pixelbook Pen that you can utilize to sketch easily.

8. Lenovo ThinkPad E470

ThinkPad E470


An outstanding portable laptop that is reliable for programmers. Lenovo maintains the existing form element and refines it. It is built with Intel Core i7 7500U, 16 GB RAM and 256 GB storage while the graphic is formed with Intel HD 620.

ThinkPad E470 is recognized as the best laptop for programming since it has the power of Kaby Lake processor of the 7th generation Intel. The 14-inch screen is already featured with an anti-glare display which is discrete Nvidia GeForce 940 MX GPU.

9. Asus Chromebook Flip

ASUS Chromebook Flip


Even though this Chromebook is not compatible with macOS or Windows, it does run well with Chrome OS. An excellent lightweight operating system that is created specifically using the Chrome web browser as a basic guide.

Chrome OS couldn’t be featured with several strong programming tools, but the Asus Chromebook Flip is actually the best laptop for programming especially if you are an advanced web developer.

10. HP 255 G5

HP 255 G5 Laptop


If you are looking for an affordable laptop that could support your programming activity, you may need to look for HP 255 G5. It is true that the RAM is only 4 GB, but you can always upgrade it later. If you are looking for an alternative from Intel processor and would like to choose AMD, then you should think about this laptop.

HP 255 G5 is really worthy to support you while working on codes and it has countless configurations, so you can get the right components based on your needs.

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