DJI Osmo Action Camera Features Review

You are probably a Youtuber looking for an impressive and trusted action camera like DJI Osmo action camera. Wait, is the camera real? Of course it is! It is just newly launched and it has become the talk of the town – of course by those who are into action cameras and such thing alike. But before you march to the nearest store and grab one, it’s better for you to understand the specs and features so you won’t make mistakes in the purchase.

About Action Camera

What is an action camera, anyway? And how is it different from the regular cameras that you use for taking pictures? Well, cameras are cameras. They are designed to take pictures – some cameras can also record videos. However, action cameras are focused on taking images and videos so they look like a real-life videos.

About DJI OSMO Action Cameras

The action cameras are designed so viewers can see the perspective of the camera men. And since the cameras are considered exciting to take real-life videos, the cameras are often used in adventurous explorations and journeys.

When viewers see the doers running down the hills with the bike or going through the big waves at the sea, it feels as if the viewers are doing the whole thing too. That’s why this type of cameras are often chosen by those who are active in doing things, such as Youtubers or those who are into extreme sports (and want to record the moments).

The Existence of DJI Osmo Action Cam

The Existence of DJI Osmo

DJI Osmo action camera is the camera line that is launched by DJI. DJI itself is the manufacturer of camera gear that has gained a good reputation in the business. Within the past few years, they have dominated the drone industry as well as the gimbal stabilized cameras (known as the Osmo). And recently they have launched Osmo Action, the first ever camera action produced by them.

This camera is said to be a tough competitor to GoPro HERO7, another reputable name in the industry. Many people such as filmmakers have waited long for this action camera.

Moreover, rumor has it that the Osmo Action is coming with impressive and advanced features like full color dual screens, De-Warp, HDR, and also RockSteady stabilization technology.

OSMO ACTION Cam The Dual Screen Feature

The Dual Screen Feature

One of the coolest things about this Osmo action camera is the full color screens – and there are two of them. There is one touchsreen display on the back side (it is bigger) and there is one on the front (it is smaller).

The smaller one can be seen close to the lens. This is the camera that lets the user see themselves while filming. Whenever you turn it around, you can see yourself – and it is a cool thing. No wonder if action sports enthusiasts or vloggers are excited about this camera’s launch.

You can also choose the type of image. If you want to have the image fill the screen, be my guest. But if you want to have the 16:9 version (with the black bars on the bottom and the top), you can do it too.

DJI Osmo Action HDR Quality

HDR Quality

The full color screen isn’t the only thing to like about the action camera is the HDR mode. You can enjoy more details even when it is bright and under the shadows. Naturally, the feature is super helpful because you will have to deal with uncontrolled situation or condition, such as harsh shadows or super bright sunlight.

Moreover, the HDR mode colors are vivid, sharp, and detailed. Thanks to them, you can enjoy many details that may not be seen or visible on the Standard mode. One of the biggest downside, however, is the image stabilization technology. Unfortunately, the image stabilization feature won’t work in this mode. Will it be shaky? Yes, it will.

Basically, you can have a detailed and crisp image but be ready with the shaky image. And the rolling shutter distortion isn’t really do well in the HDR mode although they can function just fine in Normal (filming) mode.

RockSteady OSMO ACTION Cam Image Stabilization Technology

Image Stabilization Technology

RockSteady is the name of image stabilization feature that you can find in DJI Osmo action camera. When you activate this RockSteady feature, you won’t need the gimbal stabilizer anymore. It’s obvious that DJI has learned from their drone experience and they manage to apply it on the action camera very well.

How is it when you compare it to HERO7 by GoPro? Well, GoPro HERO7 manages to deliver a very excellent job and outcome but RockSteady manages to excel it. However, the stabilization system comes by compromising the wide angle view. When you buy an action camera, you want a wide angle view, right? But you won’t be able to do so when you activate the stabilizer.

But no need to worry because wide angle view has its downside – the massive distortion. That’s why this camera has the automatic feature, De-Warp, that is built into the camera.

With this feature, you won’t have to deal with post-production image correction anymore. If you want to, you can mix the RockSteady technology and De-Warp feature. Just be ready with the cropped image.

DJI OSMO ACTION Cam Image Quality

Image Quality

When you choose an action camera, you want one that can deliver the best image quality. Well, DJI Osmo action camera is able to support different frame rates and resolutions. It can use 4K resolution in 60p quality, up to 240 fps in 1080p or 2.7K resolution to 60p. But when you choose the (super) slow motion mode, you may find some artifacts.

The camera has D-Cinemalike technology, but it can make the image over-sharpened – which also affects the noise. It’s too bad that you won’t be able to decrease the automatic sharpening quality because it is designed to happen automatically. But to tackle the problem, you can always change the ISO and shutter and then set them in manual standard.

OSMO ACTION Cam Connectivity and Design

Connectivity and Design

DJI Osmo action camera can also be connected to the smartphone. Thanks to the WiFi feature, you can connect it to the mobile device. Not to mention that the size is similar to GoPro so it is very comfy to hold.

In the end, despite the downsides, it’s easy to see why this camera becomes everyone’s favorite. If you are looking for a tough and reliable camera that can be taken into various actions, this DJI Osmo Action camera would be the best option.

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