GoPro HERO7 (Black, Silver, White) Model Review

Anyone who has penchant for outdoor activities and recording said activities will need a compact-size camera with high level of functionalities. Without doubt, your mind will go to GoPro when talking about such action cameras.

Earlier in 2018, the company launches GoPro Hero7 to camera market.  This series is armed with various desirable features so that it can appeal wider audience after a not so good year for the camera manufacturer. The next passage will be discussing this series’ three models: Black, Silver, and White.

HERO7 Black Model

GoPro Hero 7 Black

The general reviews reveal that this model is quite well received by the market. The Black model of GoPro Hero7 is actually the most sophisticated and expensive model in this series. How does this action camera fare when working to satisfy your need to capture important moments in life?

The Black model is able to capture shots with clarity level up to 12MP. It can produce several types of photo files, including SuperPhoto and High Definition Raw (HDR). This camera model can record video with maximum quality of 4K in 30 fps. The standard quality for video recording is 1080p in 120fps or 60 fps. Videos produces by this camera will be kept in MP4 format.

This GoPro Hero7 model has variety of interesting features. The camera is waterproof and can still be functional within 10 meters (33 feet) deep in the water. To create the best pictures possible, user can utilize Exposure Control and Protune functions.

There are also options for photo timer and camera bursts. Meanwhile, video quality is improved by HyperSmooth Stabilization, Touch Zoom, and control for exposure functions. Slow motion record up to 8 times is also facilitated. There is a microphone adapter that is not provided in the package. It supports voice command too.

In total, this camera weighs 116 grams. The model is powered by removable 1220mAh Li-ion battery. To connect it with other devices, the camera is armed with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. In your smart devices, you can install GoPro app and use it along with the camera to improve its functionalities. It also enables GPS tracking.

HERO7 Silver Model

GoPro Hero 7 Silver

The Silver model of GoPro Hero7 is like one-step lower tier version of the Black model. It is a recommended model if you are on moderate budget or do not really need super high specs as offered in the higher tier model. How does this camera fare, though?

This GoPro Hero7 model’s camera strength is slightly lower than the Black one, which is 10MP. The camera has Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) function. You can also capture pictures and videos vertically with this camera. For the video, it can record with the highest quality of 4Kin 30fps with maximum bit rate 60Mb/s. The standard recording quality is 1080p in 60fps or 30fps. The video file is in MP4 format.

The mid-tier GoPro Hero7 is packed with several supportive features. To enhance picture and video shooting, user can utilize Exposure Control and zooming by touch functions. When taking pictures, there are options to take continuous picture by single click and also timer.

Video stabilization feature is also equipped in this model, although it is not as smooth as the one you can find in Black model. To maintain sound quality, it has sophisticated wind noise reduction system. There is an option to record slow motion video with a decreased speed up to 2 times. It also supports voice command and underwater job (up to 10 meters).

The Silver model camera weighs about 95 grams with more or less similar dimensions to the Black one. Its battery is non-removable 1220mAh Li-ion. You can connect it with other smart devices through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. This camera can also be controlled through GoPro application on your gadget.

HERO7 White Model

GoPro Hero 7 WhiteFor a beginner in outdoor photo taking, the White model of GoPro Hero7 is absolutely recommended. Sure, it does not offer wide array of features in its system. However, this model is able to cover the basics. No need to mention that the price is significantly cheaper if compared to the previous models.

The waterproof model is able to produce pictures with its 10MP camera. It supports vertical photo and video taking. The maximum video quality that it can produce is 1440p in 60fps. The top bit rate of its video is 40Mb/s. Its standard video recording quality is 1080p in 60fps or 30 fps which is not bad at all. The produced video is kept in MP4 format.

The supportive features built in this lower tier GoPro Hero7 model are varied. In order to level up the production quality, there is an Exposure Control. User can capture pictures in regular mode or in burst mode depending on their needs.

The camera is able to work with voice command. Like the other two models, this one also has touch screen. It is equipped with video stabilization to reduce the shakiness of one’s video. The audio quality is also enhanced with wind noise reduction system.

The White GoPro Hero7 weighs about 92.4 grams. It is also powered with non-removable battery just like in the Silver model. In order to maximize its use, you can link this camera to other devices with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. The camera can be accessed with GoPro mobile application through a smartphone device.

Seeing that this series offers three different models, you might be facing a hard time in deciding which camera to purchase. Here are some guidelines for you.

  • Consider the availability of your budget and work within that.
  • Measure your capability of utilizing camera to make better purchasing decision
  • Think about the objective of taking pictures or videos, whether for personal or professional use

No matter which model that you are choosing, you can rest assured since GoPro Hero7 is dubbed one of the most wanted action cameras in current market. For each price point, the features provide are fair enough. Making better purchasing decision that suits one’s needs and capability is important so that you are getting the perfect tool.

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