How to Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Instead of replace your kitchen cabinets, make them a new way to paint them, with cheap spray painting kitchen cabinets and a few of gallons paint that you can transform the kitchen on your weekends. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for a new Cabinet to give a new look of your kitchen. Professional painters usually spray paint the door because it produces ultra-smooth finish.

Not all cabinets that are worthy of a painting. Paint is definitely not a cure for the door is messy or not closing properly. When you have oak cabinets, some other types with coarse grain then you would like silky, you must fill in the wheat on the panel door, frame and Cabinet side cabinet with spackling compound. If you like your cabinet style and they’re in good condition, and you are willing to invest your time to painting them, so this project is right for you.

Tips on how to spray painting kitchen cabinets

Take the door and drawers for garage or other work area and spread them on the surface of the work. The extensions ladder placed above will gives you surfaces to setting the door in. Wash the front on it and back doors and drawer fronts to eliminate oils. Then stick the tape in or where the hinge hole attaches to prevent paint.

Wash the grease from the frame of the Cabinet in the kitchen, too. Then the recording of everything that borders on the frame of the Cabinet. Use a rosin paper for the countertops, it is thick enough to withstand tears and won’t let the little paint spill seeping through. Use semi-gloss enamel or gloss latex paint.

To begin with, pour the gallons of paint into the buckets and thin with a half cup of water mix with a half-liter Floetrol paint additive. Water and paint out level Floetrol when it applied and slow down the drying process that will helps remove the brush and marks. Thin the paint also provides more coat when you are spraying. Paint the entire rail and stile or trim piece before all the paint dries, and then move to the next section of the Cabinet. Paint each side exposed cabinets with a brush.

Before painting, build a makeshift booth spray contains air spray. Collect a work surface then hang the plastic sheeting around of work areas. Fill the container with the spray paint then mixed them with Floetrol & water. Wear a respirator mask when spray painting. When you are ready to paint, adjust the block of wood and cardboard boxes on a work surface to lift the door. Spray the back first, this allows you to get used to the spray before you painting the front. Rotate the door above the turntable to paint any edges so you don’t need to change the position of your body.

After painting the four edges, starting from the door top and spray with a sweeping motion back & forth, are moving down enough each time the previous pass to overlap by 50% until you have reach the bottom of the door. Let the paint dry, then give the cabinet frame, sides and trim the second layer. Spray the first layer in the front door. Close the drawer with paper or masking plastic sheeting so that only the surface paintable looks. Set the drawer on the top face of the turntable and spray again.

Then placing the drawer on the bottom and spray front. Don’t worry about the light areas covered. You are going to give everything a second layer. If you catch the cat walk while they are not yet dry, brush them out gently with a brush. Let the doors and drawers to dry overnight then give them the second layer. When the door is dry, install hardware then hang the door. If any spray painting kitchen cabinets seeps into hole, scrape out the hinge so that the hinges will fit.

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