HP 255 G5 Notebook PC Review

The first thing that you need to know is that this HP 255 G5 is present in many different stores with different names such as a premium business laptop or newest HP laptop and also without a model number. Therefore, if you want to know the detail of this HP laptop, then you can keep on reading this article. We will give you the complete review of this HP laptop. Let’s get started!

HP 255 G5 Notebook PC


HP 255 G5 Design

The HP 255 G5 is a part of HP’s value line of laptops and it is also considered as the best laptop for programming. Comes with a basic black finish, the top cover of this laptop features horizontal black lines on a dark grey background.

Just like any other HP laptops, there is a shiny black HP logo in the middle of this laptop’s cover. This HP laptop also has a 15.6-inch LED backlit screen with a 1366 x 768-pixel resolution which is on par with other laptops.

This HP laptop also comes with a full-sized keyboard with numerical pad and a generously sized off-center touchpad. There are also built-in stereo speakers in this HP laptop which are located underneath the body of the laptop. Unfortunately, with the stereo located underneath the body, this will lead to muffled sound when you use the laptop on your lap and will also lead to poor quality of sound.

HP 255 G5 Notebook


HP 255 G5 Performance

For your information, the HP 255 G5 is the only laptop which comes with a 128 GB SSD compared to other laptops. That makes this HP laptop becomes remarkably responsive and that also improves the laptop’s battery life. If 128 GB SSD is not enough for you, you can get an external HDD or upgrade the SSD.

This HP laptop comes with a quad-core AMD A6-7310 APU processor which is running at 2Ghz. The performance of the CPU of this laptop is similar to the ULV Intel Core i3. Meaning, it is already enough for those who are casual and business users and it also has enough power to run any office applications.

HP 255 G5


The AMD A6 APU comes with a Radeon R4 combined graphics card. This graphics card is considered more powerful than the similar Intel variant. The processor is paired with 8GB of DDR3L RAM which is more than enough to have multiple memory intensive applications which you can open at the same time. As for the battery, this HP laptop comes with a 4-cell 41Wh battery which can up to 7 hours.

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