LeapFrog Epic 7 Inch Tablet Review

It is not wrong to introduce your kids to the gadget in their earlier year. However, you can’t just choose a similar tablet to what you usually use. This is the reason why LeapFrog Epic 7 was made.

This is a unique 7-inch tablet for a kid. The design, features, and applications you can find in it are all suitable for your kids (age 3-9 years old).

LeapFrog Epic 7 Design

We like its design. It is small enough so your kids can carry it around without a problem. It is also easy to use with the special design on its edge. Moreover, the backside is equipped with a rubber material.

Looking at its design, especially the extra part on the edge and corner, we can see that this material is added for protecting it from fall and bump. Your kids may be run around with it in their hand.

There is a possibility that they will accidentally bump it to the table or other furniture. Or, they also can drop it. So, this design is a good addition to protect it from that accident.

LeapFrog Epic Tablet for KidsLeapFrog Epic 7 Inch Tablet Review



Even though this tablet is made for kids, we can see that it has a proper specification for supporting its performance. For example, the battery can last for about 6 hours or more. So, your kids will be satisfied playing with it.

It also has 16 GB memory size, which is quite big for saving many files or application for kids. Moreover, it has a MicroSD slot you can use to expand its memory up to 32 GB.

The camera isn’t too good. It’s only 4 MP cameras. However, that’s enough for kid’s usage. We think that they won’t need the camera that much when they are using it.

We also like the fact that there are many applications installed in it. The system also has parental control function, which can help you to filter the improper content for your kids. We can say that this 7-inch tablet is the safest product for your kids to use.

LeapFrog EpicLeapFrog Epic Tablet


We have seen and found many tablets that are specially made for kids on the market. However, we have to admit that LeapFrog Epic 7 is one of the best among kid’s tablet. The price is also quite affordable, so it’s perfect.

So, if you are looking for the best 7 inch tablet for kids, we recommend you to choose this product.

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