Lenovo Tab 7 Essential Tablet Review

Lenovo has become one of the popular and successful mobile gadget brands for the entry and middle-market area. Their entry-level product can be considered as a good deal.

You can get them at an affordable price and nice specification, plus performance. Let’s take a look at one of these entry-level products. This is the Lenovo Tab 7 Essential.

Design is Simple

Tab 7 Essential Tablet Design

We can’t expect a perfect and premium design from the entry-level product like Tab 7 Essential. As you can see, it uses cheap plastic material for the main case material. It doesn’t feel convincing and durable.

But, it’s quite lightweight. It’s comfortable to carry in your pocket and bag. However, compared to the previous model, we can say that Lenovo has improved its material and design quality. So, this one is much better and elegant than before.

Lenovo Tab 7 Essential Performance and Specification

What we like about Tab 7 Essential is the Operating System (OS). This Android tablet already uses the Android 7.0 Nougat. It’s not the latest Android OS. However, Nougat is also not that old. So, it’s pretty suitable for daily usage these days.

Tab 7 Essential (Back) Tab 7 Essential (Front)

The standard model doesn’t support a network connection, which surprised us. Fortunately, there is the LTE version. For entry-level tablet, the LTE network feature is a big plus. It means it can provide the fastest network connection for your browsing activity.

We know that soon, the faster network (5G) will be launched and spread around. However, this tablet has enough features to give you a comfortable experience when you browse the internet world.

Tab 7 Essential 2MP Camera

As the entry-level tablet, you must know that there are many low specification and performance if you compare it with the latest product. The only 2-megapixels camera is one of them. This camera is used for main and selfie camera. So, the photo result isn’t as good as the tablet that is specially equipped with a selfie camera.

The screen resolution is only 1024×600 pixels. It is low but in reality, the graphic quality in this tablet isn’t that bad. We can even compare it with the 10-inch tablet, and Tab 7 Essential can be placed on equal ground in the graphic quality term.

Tab 7 Essential (Side) Tab 7 Essential (top-bottom)

In the end, it depends on your purpose to buy this tablet. If you plan to use it for simple task or just buy it for your kids, Tab 7 Essential is the best 7 inch tablet you can choose.

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