The Best Features of Microsoft Surface Book 2

Nowadays, you don’t only need a high-tech laptop but also a laptop which can adapt well with your activities. Microsoft Surface Book 2 is launched to fill the need. This laptop has great features along with flexible design. Read the review below to check the things you get from this gadget and the way it helps your work.


Microsoft Surface Book 2 is designed for a variety of users along with their own activities. To meet all of those needs, this gadget is using professional software to help you finish jobs faster and easier. To boost the performance, the laptop is also supported by the latest quad-core Intel processor and the advanced graphics with the latest NVIDIA GeForce GPU.

Professional Microsoft Software

Microsoft knows that you want to finish the job effectively with your laptop. Because of that, Microsoft supports this laptop with the best software where you can’t only work with the laptop but also play or even create cool 3D works in the easiest and most comfortable way.

Flexible Mode

The most interesting part about Microsft Surface Book 2 is the flexible mode. It seems that you have 4 different gadget in one. You can use this gadget in an ordinary laptop, tablet, studio, and view mode. The way to change from one mode to another mode is easy to do and it is good if you have to use this gadget urgently. Even, this gadget has a pen for studio mode.

Complete Accessories

For more comfortable use and better performance, Microsoft adds some accessories. First, you will have a precision mouse. It is designed for a high level of accuracy and control along with flawless scrolling movement. Interestingly, you can use the mouse in three different computers at the same time.

Second, this gadget also has a Surface pen for those who want to use this gadget for drawing and writing. The pen is sensitive enough so it works well just like what you are expected.

Third, the gadget also has a new accessory known as a Surface Dial. By using this item, you are able to store, customize, access, navigate, and reimage tools digitally in the easiest way.

More Suitable Options

Microsoft offers this gadget in two different versions. Those are Microsoft Surface Book 2 with Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7. You can choose two different RAMs which are 8GB and 16GB along with 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB.

The detail above explains a lot that Microsoft wants to serve the users with the best laptop. It seems that people will amaze with Microsoft Surface Book 2, especially on its mode, features, and accessories.

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