Nikon Z6 (Specifications, Pros & Cons) Review

Are you perhaps want to buy Nikon Z6? If you do, then it is strongly suggested if you look out for more information about Nikon Z6 before you buy the camera. It is true that the camera is quite important in our life.

We need the camera to capture every beautiful memory in our life. Family moments, Loving moments, Pets’ cuteness, or holidays, you can capture all of those moments using the camera.

Talking about a camera, Nikon is one of the most famous camera brands in the whole world. If you happen to want to buy a Nikon camera, then keep on reading this article.

Nikon Z 6

About Nikon Z6

Nikon Z6 is a mirrorless and full-frame camera which many photographers have been waiting. Nikon Z6 is announced together with its sibling, Nikon Z7. These two, Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7, have the same design and handling. They have the same screen, viewfinder, single card slot, and control layout.

However, there are some different key features between the two of them. The first one is that Nikon Z6 has the lower resolution full-frame sensor, which at 24.5 megapixels. However, Nikon Z6 can lead to better performance on other areas which have low light. Not only that but Nikon Z6 also facilitates a faster frame rate.

The Z6 can shoot at 12fps which is a better choice for sports and action photographers. The last difference is the autofocusing. Nikon Z6 offers a 273-point hybrid AF system.

Specifications of Nikon Z6

Specifications of Nikon Z6

1. The price of this camera is around $1,999.95
2. It has a 273-point hybrid AF system
3. Shoots 4K video at 30fps
4. 24.5-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor
5. 100-51,200 ISO range
6. 3.2-inch, 2,100k-dot touchscreen

Pros and Cons of Nikon Z6

1. Nikon Z6 has an amazing handling
2. It also has an excellent electronic viewfinder
3. Great in low light
4. In-body image stabilization
5. Intuitive touchscreen interface

1. Nikon Z6 only has three native lenses at launch
2. The screen on Nikon Z6 only tilts instead of fully articulates
3. It has a limited battery life compared to a DSLR
4. Nikon Z6 only has one XQD card slot

Those are the short explanation and review of Nikon Z6. Despite having quite many cons, Nikon Z6 is perfect for you who want a wallet-friendly camera with great features and cool design.

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