Sony Alpha A6500 (α6500) Review

Sony Alpha A6500, how are the specifications along with the pros and cons? Sony, the company of technology, is indeed popular with its high-performing camera. Previously, the brand has conquered the market with the product of Sony Alpha A6000.

Currently, it seems that the company doesn’t want to be overtaken by its competitors. It is proven by the release of Sony Alpha A6500 that is considered the best in its class. So, is it true? Well, these are the specifications anyway.

Sony Alpha A6500 Front and Back

Sony α6500 Specifications

A new product means improvements whether it is in the form of the upgraded features or the additional ones. So, the main improvement of Sony Alpha A6500 from the predecessor is the presence of 5 Axis Stabilization that reduces the shakes and blurs when capturing directly using hands.

Besides, the mirrorless camera has some other features including the autofocus, the 24.2 Megapixel sensor, LSI processor alongside the Bionz primary processor, XGA OLED Tru-Finder, and more.

The functions of those features are as follow. The autofocus feature can be easily used only by touching the LCD screen. Unfortunately, the functions are still limited, only to determine the focus and not others.

The 24.2 Megapixel Sensor is not something new actually since you may have found it in the previous series from Sony. But what makes the feature more interesting is the significant improvement particularly in term of the processor.

The XGA OLED Tru-Finder works just like a 2.36 million-spots resolution with the refresh rate of maximum 120 HZ. With this feature, this mirrorless camera is able to record video 4K in the recording of 25p and 30p even in a 35 mm super format.

The camera is very suitable for photography and videography activities. Moreover, the 5 Axis Stabilization is really helpful while using fix lenses without an OSS.

Sony α6500 Pros and Cons

Although in general, the camera from Sony is good and highly recommended for various necessities, there are indeed some matters that make it feel lacking something. Here are some pros and cons of the products anyway.

For the pros, Sony Alpha A6500 is designed well in a minimalist and compact shape, making it easy to grab and carry anywhere. The camera features make your photography and videography activities more interesting. It is including the no-shaking features when capturing moments with hands.

For the cons, the LCD touch screen has only limited functions. For the rest, you must still use the buttons available. Slightly, this feature in Sony Alpha A6500 seems useless.

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