Sony Alpha 7S Mark II (α7S II) Review

When you want to buy a camera such as Sony Alpha A7S II or other cameras, you surely need guidance. You need to look for more information such as reviews and specifications first before you buy the camera. The reason why you need to do this is that you do not want to regret in the end.

As you all know, cameras are very helpful to capture precious moments in your life. Whether you want to capture family moments or other amazing moments with your loved ones, using a camera is the answer.

That is why you need to dig out for more information so that your moments will be captured beautifully. If you happen to want to buy Sony Alpha A7S II but do not know anything about it, then keep on reading this article.

Specifications of Sony Alpha A7S II

Things You Need to Know about Sony Alpha A7S II

Sony Alpha A7S II is one of Sony full-frame cameras which has 12 megapixels sensor to improve low-light performance. This is quite different than its brother, Sony Alpha A7R II which has 42 megapixels sensor. However, this Sony camera will be able to give you great video quality and immense shooting versatility.

The design of this camera is compact with the design similar to other models in the top-end of Alpha range. Sony Alpha A7S II is not considered as a small camera but it is smaller than DSLR cameras. This Sony camera also improves its key designs from its brother. Not only that, but this camera also uses redesigned controls that simply work better.

Sony Alpha A7S II

Main Specifications of Sony Alpha A7S II

First thing first, if you want to buy this Sony Alpha A7S II, you will have to pay around $2,399.99 for body only. The next specification is that this camera has ISO 100-102400 (409600 exp). Not only that, but this camera also has 12 megapixels full-frame sensor which will be perfect for low-light areas. Lastly, this Sony Alpha A7S II has a 5fps burst.

Pros and Cons of Sony Alpha A7S II

1. Perfect low-light performance
2. Great for recording video
3. Much-improved ergonomics

1. It has a limited detail capture compared to other full-frame cameras
2. It also has a not-so-good burst performance

Those are the short explanation about and reviews of Sony Alpha A7S II. It is strongly suggested to read this first before you go and buy the camera so you will know whether the camera works for you or not.

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